A collection of tools that have helped and inspired me throughout my journey 🚀

Front End Development


CSS and Styling

Frameworks & Libraries

  • Semantic UI

    - A UI library similar to Bootstrap. The React version is great! You can find it here.

  • D3.js

    - The Data Visualization tool. Written by Mike Bostock.

  • Observable

    - Think about it like Jupyter Notebook for Data Visualizations and JS. Find the D3 samples here.

  • Particles.js

    - Those circles in my landing page. A great tool built by Vincent Garreau.

  • Typed.js

    - That typing effect|. Built by Matt Boldt.

  • Anime.js

    - A really cool tool for any sort of web based animations. Built by Julian Garnier.

  • Lottie

    - Airbnb's animation library.

  • Vis.gl

    - Uber Vis Team.

  • React

    - The most popular tool for building user interfaces, a popular choice, as well as my own.

  • React Native

    - Mobile applications built with react! A great tool for those web developers looking to get into mobile development. Keep in mind expo !== React Native.

  • Redux

    - The most popular global state management tool.

  • Svelte

    - A fairly recent library for building UI. This one I still have to look into. Have heard great things about it! 👀

  • MobX

    - Another great global state management tool. Have yet to try it out! Shoutout to Jason for showing me this.

React & React Native


  • Fireship

    - My favorite YouTube channel when it comes to learning Front End material quickly. Short and to the point videos. Also check out Fireship.io.



Design Systems & Design Thinking

Colors & Fonts

Inspiration & Cool Websites

  • Google Design

    - Everything design from Google.

  • CSSDesignAwards

    - Awards for design! Great source of inspiration.

  • awwwards.

    - Awards for creativity, design, and innovation. Great source for ideas!

  • Cofolios

    - A collection of portfolios from succesful design students and interns around the globe. Shoutout to Grace for showing this to me.

  • Bestfolios

    - Amazing portfolios from designers around the globe.

  • Hack Western 6 : Our Design Story

    - Designing a hackathon from the designers over at Hack Western.

  • Can't Unsee

    - A fun UI/UX based game for those buttons that aren't aligned. Shoutout to Kevin for showing me this.